Friday, November 27, 2009

Political Advisors

   In America it is we the people that are in charge, we the people direct the political course and direction on any given and ordinary day and our representatives are supposed to carry it out on the legal plain of government. Being that no one within any society is all knowing, means that from time to time they have to seek advice. That same said advice must if it is to be sound advice, only come directly from the people not some self appointed expert or advisor that specializes in what the people need or want.
   This also means that the tax dollars of the people will not and should not be spent on experts and advisor that most certainly will be advising at cross purposes to the people that elected the office holder because they are really only experts in creating public allusion and confusion and self promotion. Like advertizing sales people, they create the illusion and the perceived desire or need for something in the minds of the people then proceed to provide it as their own product as though it was demanded by the people. Today our representative’s call all these experts and advisors staff, and pay them with our tax dollars.
    At every election one political office seeker as a candidate or the other challenges the oppositions’ qualifications. The way the people should determine a candidate’s qualifications in truth should be by determining how many advisors, experts and speech writers they have. The candidate with the least of them on staff is and always has been the better qualified to represent his/her constituents’.
   Modern Politicians in America are mostly marionettes’ or hand puppets of the staff, not the other way around, when they speak or act independently of staff their personal ignorance flows forth in nuclear fashion proportionately. They are self delusional if they think the vast majority of the electorate is blind to their ignorance because it is really only indifference or deference that enables them all.
   Congress must be made to accommodate office holders minimum office needs, but must also prevented them from creating unconstitutional subset authority to office with experts and advisors on the public dole.
   The Constitution was not written in disappearing ink and I can find no authority for Congress including the Senate to create mini-fiefdoms’ under the auspices’ of any office holders, Federal or State. I can also find no authority given to political parties within government. The rules of Congress giving parties special deference based on the numbers holding office is un-Constitutional.
   There is only one truth on any given issue there is not nor ever was a democrat or republican truth, all government research efforts on all issues before Congress should be separate and apart from political parties or office holders with all resulting reports available to all. This is how bipartisan government should carry out their jobs on behalf of all citizens not the current ideological in fighting that is destroying our Constitutional Republic by committees, caucus and or staff. 

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