Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ideological Bastards

   Americas Constitution is the most unique in the entire world, and the main reason is that change to the original design was not allowed. All change that has occurred was and still is unconstitutional and adulterations of that sacred document.
   The ideological bastards of America have the right in America to be such, until they actively attempt to implement their ideology into our unique form of government, at which time they become our blood enemies’  and we should kick them out or put them down giving no quarter to those who would reduce us under their ideological commune.
   We are sovereign citizens just like our forefathers and will not tolerate the ignorance of socialism in any form or design. The more they cry about their social standing or conditions the more they will garner our contempt of them and strengthen our resole to remain free of their tyranny over the individual. They are savages of humanity and pack up in groups like wild dogs; they wish only a free ride on the backs of all others. They suffer from self delusion and self deceit absent any value to any society of free men and women.
   Before we allow them to completely destroy the best humanity has ever produced we should strip them of citizenship and deport them to countries that match their ideology that should make them happier and fill all the voids in their pitiful lives. It would be for them a home away from home that suits their ignorance. The only problem with this idea is no other country would take them either, so we are left with ignoring them or in your face abolition of them.
   They have become like spoiled children that we Americans have not yet learned how to deal with, but we better learn before they destroy the entire family of patriotic Americans that is fast becoming their chattel. In our first civil war we freed the slaves; this one will be to prevent enslavement.

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