Monday, November 23, 2009

True Love

   If you think you're missing out, you probably are, but what you're missing out on or about are most likely right under you nose. You either can’t see it, or you have unrealistic expectations via you're subjective imagination.
   Most people who actively seek love never find it, because the love they seek is of the imagination best expressed by the feminine desire for a knight in shining armor, or the male desire for a sex pot that really likes sports. In both cases if you find it, it is a facade and it is not love and will wane in time.
    In love; is being desirous of what is best for the other party even if you are not part of what’s best for them. It is not what makes you feel good but what gives them happiness and if that does not feel good to you, you don’t love them. Love does not just happen, it is built but a solid foundation doesn’t hurt.
   It is the foundation, that should enable love to be built upon it and the foundation cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with the objective mind only. What ifs; have no ground to stand on let alone a foundation one can build on. True love of anything or anybody does not exist in the imaginative or subjectivity of life.
   If you have a true love of country for example justification is a non starter. We cannot justify the past or the present wither good or bad we can only take pride in the good and a determination not to repeat the bad no matter the impulse to do so out of frustration with the ignorant among us. Unless you think humans are infallible.
   We all are fallible, that is the weakness of men/women so the only question that should come to mind is the historic fallibility known or the deliberate wrongs committed by ignorance or the evil of human nature that should be the determinate factor overall today.
   If we look at history from the negative view of deliberate evil, mankind then and now would be seen as unrepentant and an incorrigibly evil which is a standard no living thing on this earth can compete with. It in fact is why America came into being in the first place to dispel that conviction among men.

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