Monday, May 28, 2012

                                                    Community organizer my ass

  “Community organizing” is an American tradition carried forward from our very beginnings that has been bastardized over time by Communism. Today’s communities throughout America have very little to no Idea of the true American nature of “Community organizing” verses what the likes of socialists/communists call it.
   Our Constitution was designed with the idea and principals that government was not to get involved with the various communities until the problems of any given community were beyond the scope of what the community it’s self could do in it’s own self interests and even then it had no right or power to impose it’s self, but only then by request from the community and deemed to be equal and necessary to the entire State of various communities.
   Everything from public safety to sanitation fell under the responsibility of local communities to provide for themselves the degree to which they themselves felt necessary. That is where “Community organizing came into its own. From organizing policing, jails, fire protection, sanitation, barn raisings, posses, schools, churches, Water co-ops and many other such co-ops designed by, for and of its own capacity. Each community contributed to the state where the state would assist other communities in there individual efforts of development mostly to provide community organizing but again not to impose standards beyond the established communities minimums.
   In America community organizing is as natural a thing to do as eating and there are always members in every community who will willingly take it on in the interest of the community in which they themselves live.
   All I have said here is American historical fact but the one thing community organizing is not is collectively getting together to coerce different levels of government to politically help the community or portions of it with money or other aid from other Americans transferred into your community that is socialism/communism. “community organizing’ is simply organizing the community on how to help itself, not steal from others.
   The bottom line is this; Obama was not and is not a community organizer in an American sense he is a community organizer in a communist way of development only. If your community cannot do it for it’s self it doesn’t need it, it just wants a handout.

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